DUOS is an LCS anthology series that follows a few of the NA LCS pros in their pursuit to become summer split champions. Our fourth duo is TSM’s Doublelift and Biofrost.

When Doublelift, arguably the best ADC in North American history, joined TSM at the start of the 2016 season alongside Yellowstar, the most decorated support in the West, expectations couldn’t have been higher. However, after a disappointing finish in the NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs, the team parted ways with Yellowstar and set out to find a new support. The result: an unknown Canadian rookie named Biofrost. The new TSM bot-lane found quick success in the Summer Split, finishing 17-1 and steamrolling their way to the NA Summer Finals in Toronto, Canada. Now playing in his first arena match with the home crowd at his back, Biofrost looks to his veteran duo partner for support as they try to carry TSM to a fourth NA LCS Championship.

Music Credits:
“Showtime Ready” by Evan Beigel, Scott Emerson
“Wait Until The End” by Stephen Charles McKeon
“Aftergold (feat. Tove Styrke)” by Big Wild

Footage courtesy of CN Tower.

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