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Diamond Eyes – Flutter [NCS Release]

Syn Cole – Time [NCS Release]

Unknown Brain – Say Goodbye (ft. Marvin Divine) [NCS Release]

For the champion main montage videos, there are requirements!
Make sure you have all this requirements for a champion main montage video:

– Have more than 500k mastery points in one champion.

– Your videos have to be in HD (1080p or 720p).

– If you record in spectator mode you must remove everything from the screen!
– Make sure your plays include: predictions, penta kills, quadra kills, 1 vs 2/3, team fights, awesome moments, jokes, etc.

Please note this!
– As you may know, i have a lot of montage video requests at the moment and i can´t work for everyone at the same time… So, i created a waiting list where i put your in game nickname, your main champion and the number of mastery points you have on that champion.
– Every time someone send me a request it will be added to that list, so it will fairly create a place for everyone.

If you have all this message me on my facebook page or my email and let me know your in game nickname, your main champion, the number of mastery points you have on that champion and if you can donate!

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