Stop DDOS/ Ip leak issues permanently & without affecting any games performance/latency?
Get never worry about Booter Babies again. 😛 while supporting me as well 🙂

ESEA Best Cheater Solution and Matches against Medium-High Tier Skill Level to improve.

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Lots of clips taken from months worth of playing everyday. Thank you so much for watching! Hope you enjoyed it!
The way these frags are recorded with a in-game recording system that makes frags look very distorted as crosshair movements will be very far behind or sometimes ahead of where it actually is. That goes for player models placement as well so everything shown may look way off to make playback of games look very robotic and very inhuman. Please keep that in mind when watching any CS frag videos.

Demos from the video(Im missing 1 or 2 sorry I cant find them)

love u

Summit1g was ranting about me being legit and I edited in “cheater” as a joke. Its a little quiet sry about that.
“….thats how you know hes a good pl-cheater.”

Song: Shawn Wasabi – Marble Soda

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