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Most GAME BREAKING 1v5 CARRY 🔥 IMMORTAL Season 11 Diana Build 🔥 LoL Top Diana s11 Preseason Gameplay – Balorians Squad #32
What is “Balorians Squad”? Is a series where we will be playing every Thursday with viewers from our streams that playing our BUILDS in Ranked Flex, so instead of terrorizing the game with 1 Monster, we will have 5 of them at the same time and see how fast or slow we can rank up while playing together 🔥

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You want the best Season 11 Diana TOP NEW RUNES Build for TOP/MID/JUNGLE/SUPPORT? Then enjoy:
For runes we will be using:
Resolve + Domination
For Resolve:
– Grasp (Insanely big sustain and damage)
– Shield Bash (Bonus armor/mr and DAMAGE while having a shield from your W)
– Second wind (The strongest combination with doran’s shield)
For Domination:
– Sudden Impact (A super powerful rune that will give you bonus Lethality and Magic pen while using your E)
– Ravenous hunter (Insane amount of heal cause of the 11% Damage to Health)
Also you will get for:
OFFENSE: 10% Attack speed
FLEX: 8 MR (Change it to armor against AD match up)
DEFENSE: 8 MR (Change it to armor against AD match up)
This runes will give you everything you need for Diana to do insane damage
Full Diana s11 Item build: Sunfire (Mythic Item), thornmail, Tenacity Boots/Armor Boots, Spirit Visage, Redemption, Stoneplate, Warmogs and Elixir of Iron/Sorcery!
Learn how to play Diana with the most OP way that exist and enjoy your FREE WINS!

Đây là thông tin hữu ích mà bạn cần  Phần mềm giảm ping LOL PBE và NA hiệu quả và miễn phí ! Khắc phục lỗi AFK khi vào Trận!

Grasp Immortal #Diana vs #Jax Top Lane Build Ranked Flex Preseason 2021 Season 11 Gameplay League of Legends #BaloriansSquad

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Thanks for watching, don’t forget that you are all awesome!!! 🧡

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