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This is an OMG Dolls High School Love Story movie guys! Barbie teacher tells her class that they have a new transfer student today. OMG Doll Rocker Boi comes into the classroom and all the omg dolls, Dazzle, Missy Meow and Candylicious goes crazy. All the girls in the class thinks Rocker Boi is so cute. The boys in the classroom get annoyed that Rocker Boi is getting so much attention from the girls in the class. Barbie doll asks LOL Rocker Boi Doll to tell the class a little bit about himself. Rocker Boy tells the class he is a musician. He plays his guitar and sings for the class, and all the girls fall in love with him. Barbie Ken Dolls get jealous so they start to play a prank on him by kicking his table and chair. Barbie teacher sees this and punishes the boys with detention. The girls are also mad at the boys for bullying Rocker Boi on his first day of school so they said they won’t go to the school dance with them. Watch the full fun toys and doll videos to find out what happens next guys!


Featured Toys:
L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Rocker Boi and Punk Grrrl 2 Pack – 2 Fashion Dolls with Music – English Edition

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🚗 RAINY DAY FAMILY ROAD TRIP! – OMG Family Swag Dreamhouse Pack for Road Trip with Kids & Twin Babies!

👶LOL Surprise OMG Winter Chill Big Wig LOL Family Road Trip to Visit Sister Crystal Star & New Baby!

🐶 OMG REMIX Bhad Gurl LOL Family Go On Road Trip with Kids & Newborn Baby & Find New Puppies & Dog!

🚗 OMG Winter Chill Icy Gurl LOL BABY & Family Evening Routine & Road Trip with Bestie & Lil Sisters!

🤒 Baby Cat is SICK! – OMG Winter Chill Missy Meow LOL Family Morning Routine Snow Day & Has The Flu! 🤒

Thanks for watching my doll videos guys! I hope to see you guys daily for more fun toys and doll movies. I have so many barbie dolls, barbie playsets, disney princess dolls, and now I am absolutely obsessed with the OMG big sisters and the LOL Surprise dolls. Come to watch more of my doll stories daily!

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