I actually like Predator on Leona, and Trundle Jungle, which is good for Leo’s scuttler speed, and for Trundle in conjunction with his frosty ground, is good for some amazing drive-by style ganks.
Malphite, and Maokai Jungle as well, despite being my two favorite, and most played champions of all time, I haven’t played either in a small few, specifically Malphite since the rework, but even before, full AP Malph, or atleast heavy hybrid dominate, it was insane, but more of a situational one. Maokai however, having an extremely small gap close window, and a fairly slow ult that speeds up as it travels I believe, like Nami’s, is perfect for Predator, since getting that gap close root, into a small directional knockback skill shot is made a lot easier with this. Getting into position easier, and faster, as well as into the team, hop, and smooshing the backline, into an instant ult, followed by a multi person knockback is massive, even without the knockback, rooting every person still alive at that point, is near 100%, the knockback just delays reactions, cancels animations, and autos, and reverses some of that gained distance. It’s a strat made easier by a long shot, that is similar to Rammus Q, target priority E Taunt, get right up to the Q break (usually tank frontline, or minions,) then Flash ontop of them, instantly cashing your pretargeted E, and instantly activating shield after, or Amumu Flash + Ult, or Q, Flash, Ult, or Hecarim E, W, Ult behind priority targeting towards your team, it just makes it better, now enough of my ranting, I just love this game, and it’s mechanics

Đây là thông tin hữu ích mà bạn cần  cách khắc phục lỗi trò chơi đang chạy của liên minh

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