I miss when there was a back and forth like this in pro play. Now if you don’t have a 6k gold lead at 15 and end the game 1 minute into the first baron push every european will tell you that team is straight garbage and just trolls. Teams either steamroll or get steamrolled and it’s almost always decided with a skirmish in the first 6 minutes. Or one or two successful ganks in one lane just means that laner is untouchable for the rest of the game unless they majorly mess up. All this change because games were 35 minutes and people hated that it took so long, now they’re 25 but the only time it’s fun to watch is if the team you like is winning. 16 ROX is my favorite team ever and this is my favorite series because at least 3 of these games are fantastic, even though my team loses. With both teams having differing styles and an engaging back and forth with multiple fights that depend on who has the better angle strategically and who can execute better and only after successive won fights or fights won around key objectives can a team make substantial headway. Now, only minutes in, team A takes a risk, team B catches it and team A lose a 7 second fight, team B are now 3k gold ahead at 5 minutes and as long as nobody makes stupid mistakes the game is over. Only at the very top do you get games where neither team has a substantial lead early and the game is decided over 2 or 3 fights, even then I think i’ve only seen 5 or 6 of those games all year. Like SKT v GRF spring second round robin, i’m pretty sure at least 2 of those games are super close for the entire duration.

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